Why Choose AMTAI?

Winning functionalities
Excellent function-price ratio

Comprehensive distributor training
Acceptable lead time
Reliable products
Efficient technical support



Who Are We?

AMTAI Medical Equipment, Inc. was founded in 2008 in Raleigh, a city in North Carolina, USA. We are located in the "Research Triangle", a world-famous hub for healthcare innovations and technology. In 2009 we began sales of our T1000 and T800 series surgical tables. To date, our products have been installed in over 30 countries around the world.  


Our Innovations

In addition to our surgical tables, we have a full range of accessories including innovative products such as our one-abductor-bar orthopedic extension. We are currently developing a new LED surgical light as well as an advanced OR integration system.


Our Distributor Locations

Bangladesh, Bolivia, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ecuador, El Salvador, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Jordan, Korea, Lebanon, Latvia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Mexico, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Puerto Rico, Suadi Arabia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, Taiwan, USA, Vietnam.